Tuesday, August 04, 2009


A couple cool things to point out:

1. This PDF Chapbook by Francis Raven, The C and O Canal, was reviewed at THE CHAPBOOK REVIEW by Michael Leong. John Madera continues to do amazing work there, putting together great reviews and interviews. I love The Chapbook Review and sincerely appreciate the forum where short books are considered seriously. Okay, well, some of the reviews don't seem altogether "serious" (see Ryan Manning's, which purports to be an erotic thriller), but definitely the one that Michael Leong wrote is serious and considerate, and worth serious attention.

2. Josh Maday interviewed Andy Devine for elimae. This is an extraordinary interview. Definitely one of my all time favorites. Devine's book WORDS is forthcoming from PGP in 2010 (sidenote: you can see all of the [tentative] forthcoming PGP books at the new catalog). The interview begins:

Josh Maday: To whom am I speaking?

Andy Devine: Andy Devine -- and just to be clear, not the actor, but the writer.

Maday: Thank you for clarifying. You must get that a lot, being mistaken for someone else.

Devine: It's just the name that's the issue. I'm unmistakable in other ways. For instance, I usually don't write in sentences. They can be quite limiting.


Jamie Iredell said...

Yo, what, you not gonna mention a brother's interview? Just kidding. How are you man? Sounds like there have been exciting things happening for PGP

j. a. tyler said...

jesus. that forthcoming list is sticky sweet. looking forward to all.

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