Saturday, August 08, 2009

Recently I wrote a bio for my band

It is this:

Sweatpants is a straight up, sweet ol' rock band but maybe a little punkier than they want to be. Like, they keep listening to Phil Collins and the latest Top 40 singles and try to cover Bruce Springsteen and Alex Chilton songs, but instead they just play faster and harder and more ferociously. Adam Robinson (former Flying Party), Dave NeSmith (of Bats & Mice, Rah Bras, Sleepytime Trio) and Jamie Gaughran-Perez (Lenny Hoffman) dude it out so you don't have to. Sometimes intricate, sometimes hooky, always brash, Sweatpants want to rock your cradle, want to ease you into that neverland between the gym and the shower, the couch and the grave.

This is our website: WE AR SWEATPANTS.

Currently reading: One of These Things is Not Like the Other by Stephanie Johnson.
Currently listening to the new Jarvis Cocker record and liking it a lot.

Here's an awesome video of Dave's last band. I'm sure I've posted this here like twenty times.

I think I'm cooler because of this video, even though I had nothing to do with the song, the video, the band, or anything to do with it at all. Cooler I mean than I was before, not cooler than you.


I would read Sam Pink's serious new manuscript. I wonder why he hasn't sent it to me. I'm the sort of person who can MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

Currently reading: submissions. There were some by Gregory Sherl, poems that came in in May and I read but forgot to respond to. They are amazing. His poems are what keeps me going. (Almost everyone else's aren't, sorry.) I think I'm going to start holding people to a higher standard.

Been up since 6:30. I think I'm starting to get things done.

Gonna go to a diner soon, eat something and read some more Stephanie Johnson.

OH! Saw GI Joe last night with JSir, who is actually a lot like Sgt Slaughter (who wasn't in the movie). Anyhoo, it was not as bad as I thought it would be.

Whoever has a novel/la manuscript that is funny, serious, ~30,000 words long, not ironic funny but clever funny is okay, heartwrenching, basically a shorter version of The Brothers K, or I would also take The Road, whoever has that novel you can send it to me at my PERSONAL email address. I'm reading for a summer 2010 release so this offer won't last long.

Seriously, your over-serious or over-coy book will be disregarded and rejected and not responded to. Send your best work. Bloom said "All bad poetry is unfailingly sincere" -- I want sincere but not bad, and not poetry.

I think 7 out of 10 people have books about WWII but no one ever sends them to me. If you have a book about WWII I will read it and I will have to laugh every 2-3 pages in my head at least. I will have to think you're a better writer than me from now on.

I don't want any books about celebrities. Those books are good but I don't like celebrities AT ALL. I DISLIKE THEM.

Last night I came to the uncomfortable realization that I'm too old for deejays playing like dance music or house music at bars. I walk in and then walk right back out. It's like so many bars want to recreate that scene in XXX starring Vin Diesel when they're like chasing them and they run through a crowded club and all the lights are flashing and the heads are bobbing to some industrial music or whatevs and they pan up to where the deejay is and he's bald and it's sooo incredible you wish you were there (except of course someone's about to pull out an Uzi).

Anyway, who do you gotta kill to get some pants over here.


Adam J Maynard said...

you're not a rock star as wel are you?

m.lady said...

will you read a manuscript of stories dedicated to Theodore Huxtable?

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