Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Funny blog

Joe Young is keeping a funny blog about press for Easter Rabbit. I don't know why I think it's funny, maybe because it's so blatantly promotional. It seems like if you come within 100 e-feet of the book, like comment on it somewhere or decline writing about it for your ping pong blog or ADD IT TO YOUR GOODREADS PAGE, Joe will write, like, a microbio about you. For instance:

Jason Jordan holds an MFA from Chatham University. His forthcoming books are Cloud and Other Stories (Six Gallery Press, 2009) and Powering the Devil's Circus: Redux (Six Gallery Press, 2009). His prose has appeared online and in print in over forty literary magazines. Additionally, he’s Editor-in-Chief of decomP. You can visit him at his blog at

Maybe Joe didn't write that. Maybe he just copied it from one of over forty literary magazines. I dunno.

Jason Jordan agreed with me that I'm dangerous. This is further proof?

I should say that I don't really know that Joe will write about you on his blog if you come within 100 e-feet of the book. But he might. That's pretty much the best I can do.


My band, Oak Sweatpants Monicker, is playing at the Whole Gallery in Baltimore on Saturday. That's all I know about the show. If you want more details, maybe Google it or something. I'm probably going to catch a ride with the bassist or drummer.


Jason Jordan said...

Joe just copied that from my Goodreads profile. It's my official, boring bio. I feel like a douche for listing the number of lit mags, but at the same time, didn't want to mention specifics, but also didn't want to say published widely because I feel like people always take issue with that statement if they haven't heard of you. It's a no win situation. ;)

Peter Cole's face considers you pretty dangerous. Therefore, I do also.

Adam R said...

Jason Jordan, you rock.

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