Friday, September 11, 2009

Hey, I'm A Writer

I joined Fictionaut a while ago but never used it. I did some looking around in it today and I think I like it now. I posted a story in it that is kind of emotional for me. I like the groups that they have there at Fictionaut. There's one for Wigleaf that seems cool. I'm still figuring out how it all works, the Internet, but Fictionaut is handsome. I have some invites. It's in Beta so you have to be invited. If anyone wants to join, okay, let me know.

I threw out a manuscript today. I mean I deleted it. I was 12,000 words into a novel when I started my MFA program in 2006 but I had to set that aside so I could describe rocks and leaves and crap for the University of Baltimore. Sometimes I would go back and look at my lonely neglected manuscript. Today I went back and looked at it and couldn't read a paragraph. I deleted it because I was completely uninterested in looking at it again.

But the good news is I put together a collection of short stories. I so infrequently think about submitting, and I never think about submitting fiction, that it didn't occur to me to do a book. I'm thinking of Sam Pinking it and just making it myself. There is a lot of flash fiction in it. The truth is, I didn't know I wrote flash fiction. I found some on my flash drive though, I mean, like a dozen stories of varying quality.

I don't know, I guess I could submit this somewhere. It's called ARob and Other Stories.

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BlogSloth said...

flash drive. very funny.

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