Thursday, September 24, 2009

Me! At Barrelhouse!

Over at Barrelhouse they put together a podcast about how awesome Baltimore is (and it ends with me challenging DC -- their hometown -- to a fistfight pretty much -- cuz I'm an idiot). I got to talk to Dave Housley about isReads and Michael Kimball talked about the postcard project. Listen to it and you get to hear Josh Maday read his breathbeating poem, "The Everyday Juggernaut," which is for serious one TRUE POEM. And hear Mike Ingram get all nonsartorial and read the Barrelhouse life story from a postcard.

Barrelhouse is just dang rad. They continue to blow me away. I honestly hadn't been to their website in a while, and I have to say I am envious like ENVIOUS capitalized. I wish I lived in DC cuz DC must be awesome.

Dave Housley is a very good host. He does that thing where sometimes you hear him ask me a question directly but sometimes he edits out the question and contextualizes what we're talking about and then tells the listener, "So I asked Adam . . ." and then he cuts me in. I LOVE that format.

And did you know "Barrelhouse" is a song or something? Yeah! Like an old blues song that ends, "Mama just wants to barrelhouse all night." Pretty neat. It's probably some very popular song by Robert Johnson or something -- what I don't know about the blues you could put in Alan Lomax's books.

Michael Kimball is an insanely good talker, it's nuts. He's really coherent and really funny.


Laura Ellen Scott said...

this was the first podcast I listened to on purpose, and I really enjoyed it, although I did feel like I should go sit in the car to listen to it. Great job!


damn u stoopid

Adam R said...


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