Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Preorder Easter Rabbit

Joseph Young's book, Easter Rabbit, is now available for preorder. $12 includes shipping. Go here to preorder.

Preorders will ship on or about Oct 15.
The preorder phase of the book will continue until Nov 15.
The book will be available to the world at large on Dec 15 for $14.95.

Some info about the book:

  • Easter Rabbit is 100 pages long.

  • There are fewer than 3,000 words in it.

  • Each word was hand selected by Joseph Young.

  • He determined that over a million words were not right for this book.

  • The cover is a painting done in encaustic by Christine Sajecki.

  • Everyone thinks it's a beautiful painting.

  • It's digitally edited by the artist. Click here to see what the painting actually looks like.
  • It's digitally edited, but to be clear, the rabbit is mobile.

  • The book has been proofread by four people.

  • All four people were like, "Looks good."

  • Jasper Johns declined the opportunity to blurb Easter Rabbit.

  • He doesn't even write blurbs for his friends, he said in a handwritten note.

  • When I asked him for a blurb, I didn't write "blurb" or millions of other words.

  • "Blurb" I thought sounded too vulgar to say to someone like Jasper Johns.

  • Anyhoo, the stories in Easter Rabbit perfectly exemplify what Publishing Genius is trying to do.

  • I didn't realize this till right now.

  • But Publishing Genius likes to make short books that are expansive.

  • And this book is a collection of short stories, very short, like less than 50 words each.

  • But each story is massive.

  • For serious. I mean, it's remarkable how much Joe Young can conjure up in these things.

  • If you're paying attention.

Here is a very special offer:

  • If you can read the entire book in one sitting, I will refund your money.

  • You won't be able to do it.

  • It's too long, even though it's so short.

  • I mean, fewer than 3,000 words, come on.

  • So if you can read the whole thing in one sitting, email me 50 words describing what you thought, and I'll give you back your money.

  • No sweat.

  • I dare you.

  • I defy you.

Go here to preorder.


Molly Gaudry said...

That is a crazy-ass challenge. I hope lots of people take you up on this and then can't do it. Congrats to you and Joe.

Ryan W. Bradley said...

dude, i'm really competitive. i may take up that challenge, not even for the refund, just because you challenged.

oh yeah, i gotta get some money so i can order first... workin' on it.

Joseph Young said...

this should be a model of book promotion. and not just 'cause it's about me, but because it's great. thanks, ar.

Adam R said...

I thought about making the challenge more specific, since of course people can just skim through the 3000 words -- but I actually don't even think it's possible to do THAT in one sitting.

Joe, we're gonna get so rich off this.

Christopher said...

I'm with Ryan, though I'm actually not really that competitive. More or less, I want to see if I've the wherewithal.

lujk said...

the way the rabbit is painted (wonderfully), it looks like that's a bezoar hangin' out in the middle.

also: ditto somewhere between ryan & christopher

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