Monday, October 19, 2009

Everyday Idiot

Here's another logo by Justin Sirois.

Justin and I went to see Where the Wild Things Are on Friday. It was at a theatre in the suburbs. There were plenty of kids. It didn't strike me as a kids movie, but they did keep yelling and all the adults kept laughing at them. The main kid in the movie, Max, wore a sweater like my brother had when he was 8ish, and later like my friend Jason Lee had when he was 28ish. Love that sweater.

I thought the movie would rule a little harder in terms of defying the time-space continuum, but I think it doesn't cover the same fare that I'm used to with Spike Jonze. Like, when Max returns home from where the wild things are, I wondered how much time had passed? Would it be like in CS Lewis where it was only an instant, or like in Rip Van Winkle where it was year? I mean, actually what I expected is for Spike Jonze to create a whole other option that I hadn't thought of, but that's not really what this movie is about.

The movie was just trying to make me really sad about how no one can ever get along. Boom, mission accomplished. But how hard is that?

I spent like the whole day in bed yesterday. Last week I spent almost no time in bed, so I deserved it. I watched the Ravens game. The Ravens game was pretty awesome, in spite of a very close loss (missed field goal).

So much rain lately. Today blue skies, but still there has been a lot of rain.

Today at Everyday Genius, Lee Rourke brings us a story by Tom McCarthy. It's a playish thing, actually, quirky, maybe laying a diss on Greek classicists or modern dramaturgy? I'm not sure, but open to discussion.
The Facing Pages conference I'm paneling with One Story and Bomb Magazine looks really cool, and really free to NYers if you register by the 21st. If anyone is interested in attending or meeting up, let me know somehow.
New Survey up at the PG website.


Tim Jones-Yelvington said...

We were all really sad too (I went to see it w/ folks from Artifice Magazine, Another Chicago Magazine and Switchback Books), but we decided it was b/c it was abt loneliness & the disillusionment of realizing that childhood-type lonely feeling never goes away, ever. Maybe this is similar or related to folks not getting along?

Adam R said...

Yeah, right, I def think they are related. Carol couldn't get along with anyone because he was so lonely. Oh man it's terrible.

Tim Jones-Yelvington said...

I feel like... because he was lonely, and also because he had very particular ideas about what he wanted his community and relationships to look like, and had a child's inability to process emotion/disappointment when those relationships and community invariably failed to accommodate his expectations. I can relate to that. I used to like- throw things across the room and hide in the bathroom when my friends didn't behave the way I wanted them to at parties. When I was elementary school I mean. Slash last weekend.

Anonymous said...

i've not been getting a good vibe about this movie. having had it read to me many times as a kid...and having read it many times to my son...i was worried about it being spread out over 90 minutes. sounds like my expectations should be low when i take the lad soon.

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