Friday, October 09, 2009

Interview at Outsider Writers

Patrick King and I got into it at Outsider Writers in an interview called "The Unreadable Writer." One thing I said is:
I definitely see the “something more” that you’re referring to, or I catch glimpses of it, and I think that is the objective correlative for my work, as well as the starting point and constant motivation. And for me, reality is trustworthy because it’s predictable. You always know reality is going to blow it, is going to be painful. But what I distrust is the notion that our perception of reality is all that is the case. As an artist, that’s kind of a deal stopper for me. As a member of society, however, I can recognize and accept the value in going forward from this “reality is all we have to work with” presupposition — and it is in the tension between these two thoughts that I hang my poetry.

Thanks a lot, Patrick, for giving me the attention! Pat is the sheriff at OW as well as one of the hosts at one of Baltimore's best new reading series -- Last Sunday, Last Rites.


Joseph Young said...

You all should read this interview. it's really good.

Adam R said...

Thanks Joe. I think I'm going to try to be funnier in interviews from now on.

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