Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Easter Rabbit Reviews #1

Joe Young's book, Easter Rabbit, is already making waves. You can probably keep better track of everything at his blog,, but here are a few of the latests:

At Big Other, Greg Gerke said, "These micros refuse any sense of completion. They live in the actions of the characters, in the details of the river or forest, and in the Beckettian/Pinteresque bits of dialogue. They are story and poetry and they describe a universe in mourning for its own mysteries, a human race run down but capable of enchantment."

I'm interested in the commenter to that post who said, "I think I’ll buy this book if only to see what faint or largeblown taste lingers after reading. I wonder if these microfictions will clench my fists in frustration? I wonder if this form is capable of delivering the same sense of satisfaction that one can derive from a well-written and engaging novel."

There is a review at that I like a lot. In it, Jess Bouchard tries to explain microfiction to her 8-year-old daughter using the book.
The 8-year-old likes “Girl” because she doesn’t know anything about the “girl.” We are given enough information. She says, “I know this piece is deep. I don’t know why. I just do.”
There are a bunch of other links in that review to Joe's other work.

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