Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Everyday Genius

Yesterday I returned from an amazing party outside Madison, WI. It was sort of a reunion of all my friends from college. 30 of us ate an amazing Thanksgiving dinner, played football, had a singalong around a campfire, then went for a walk as the sun rose over the chilly farmland.

There was no Internet, and I didn't mind. Friends are the real Internet.

But Everyday Genius is a good second-best. This week kicked off with a face-wowing thinger by Kuzhali Manickavel. From her bio, I learned that Kuzhali lives in a small, coastal town in South India and just released a book called, "Insects Are Just like You and Me except Some of Them Have Wings" (Goodreads). Her story has received a blogtastic amount of comments -- someone even called it "a fist-slammed-into-the-face of a story."

Just posted -- sorry it's late -- Blogger failed me -- is a colorful cartoon by John Dermot Woods. I like John Woods a lot. Recently he let me eat pizza at his really nice house, which is under construction. He happened to be wearing socks and shoes that match the cover of his brilliant book, The Complete Collection of People, Places and Things. Anyway, John's contribution to Everyday Genius is a cartoon about the moon falling. In it, there is a man or a boy with a top hat. There is a lot of action as the moon slowly descends.

Interestingly, Shellie Zacharia (who's book, Now Playing, I love) has a story about the moon falling that will come out in tomorrow's edition of Everyday Genius, so keep reading or whatnot.


Tim Jones-Yelvington said...

Kuzhali is amazing. She was also David Leavitt's favorite slush pile find at Subtropics. You should read "Insects."

Adam R said...

Heck yecks, I'm gonna read that. Thanks for the affirmative.

BlogSloth said...

face-wowing I like.

That was a wicked flash. Oh man, another book....hmm.

Joseph Young said...

Good things.

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