Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sweatpants at Shattered Wig on FRIDAY

Sweatpants are playing at the Shattered Wig on Friday. The Shattered Wig is an awesome showcase, the longest running in Baltimore.

The movie I Will Smash You is also locally premiering at the show. I'm excited to see it on the biggish screen. Sweatpants is doing a song from the movie. Michael Kimball and Luca DiPierro made the movie.

Blaster Al Ackerman will read. The last couple times I saw him read I couldn't understand his words because he had a bar of soap in his mouth. Because of this, I thought it was a good reading.

Ingrid Burrington is going to do something. She really wowed me at the Transmodern Festival last year with her chapbook of 100 Questions. (One of them was, "Will you help me move on Thursday?") She did a bunch of diagrams for Michael Kimball's month of Everyday Genius (for example click heres). She has a chapbook forthcoming from Publishing Genius.

This is the bio for Sweatpants:
Sweatpants is a vigorous band that brings the rock led by Publishing Genius magnate Adam Robinson. After they opened for Springsteen in Munich a year ago Springsteen said he was too shaken to do his five minute monologue opening to "The River" and instead he told the band to leave and performed a short acoustic set.
We are going to smash a pinata. In the pinata will be reticulated ventricles.

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