Monday, November 09, 2009

I think it would be really scary to ride a bike with my eyes closed -- probably I couldn't do it

Joseph Young was on NPR's The Signal on Friday. The Signal is a really great show out of Baltimore's station, WYPR. Joe reads some stories and talks with the host, Aaron Henkin, about how microfiction works -- and why.

When Aaron asks about the best way to read the stories, Joe mentions my money back guarantee: whoever reads the 3,000 words in one sitting, can email me for a full refund. My thinking is that the stories satiate after reading three or four, overwhelm after seven or eight. Buy the book here.

Joe's reading/interview is at about minute 25. Also on the program are: Chris Ferrera, my friend who does this really awesome letter writing campaign to Starbucks; Kathy Flann, my friend who hosts a reading series (last month she brought in Tao Lin and PG's own Rupert Wondolowski); and Matt Gilman, a blind mountain biker I've never met. Once again The Signal programs an hour well worth your ears.

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BlogSloth said...

Micro-fiction burrows, it infiltrates--it arrives!

Love it,


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