Friday, November 27, 2009

We Are Champion

I have three poems in We Are Champion, a new journal that saved space for some also-rans like Blake Butler, Mathias Svalina, Giancarlo DiTripano, Gary Lutz, Ally Harris, Chris Higgs, Rachel B. Glaser, Carl Annarummo, Jonathan Papas. Whoa whoa whoa, read that Glaser story and get pumped for summer, when PG will mail you her collection of stories.


j. a. tyler said...

loved your poems. stoked for the release.

that bit from PEE ON WATER is fucking great too. so looking forward to the full book.

Adam R said...

Thanks man! I'm looking forward to the MLP Year in Review a lot. So we're even.

Happy day after Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

from the website - "After a friendly contact with three of the tribe, they were speared to death."

man i am really really loving stories/poems that bring in "reality"/history. yours are fantastic. blake's texts are insanely good, too.

Anonymous said...

It's insane that I grew up idolizing G Brett and never knew till now he came up with the term "Mendoza Line." My roommate in college, Pete Hoffman, started a band called "The Mendoza Line" that I saw play at SXSW in 03. He loved baseball that much. I was just starting to get into baseball when the Royals lost to the Phils in 1980. I was in KC at the time and demoralized beyond belief.

Mike Young said...

Your roommate started The Mendoza Line, David? That's crazy. I loved that band.

Adam R said...

There's a band called Vida Blue, too. I wonder what other good baseball references there are in band names?

Thanks for sharing your baseball memories, DE. I love stories about the show.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, yeah my roommate Pete Hoffman started the band with his friend Tim. In college in the early 90's Pete's favorite line to me during arguments was "go listen to your Pet Shop Boys tape and jerk off." He introduced me to all kinds of great "alternative" music the two years we roomed together. He's up in Brooklyn now and I'm bummed The Mendoza Line broke up. They had some great songs.

Ha, Adam, that's funny about "Vida Blue." I don't think I've heard of that band. I'll look them up. Yeah, indeed I'd be very curious to learn more about baseball references in music group names. One of my favorite passages in a book was Kluge's "Alma Mater"...where he sits in a Kenyon English Dept budget meeting and pretends to write notes about the budget but is really writing down all the MLB players with animal nickames (Moose Skowron, Catfish H, etc.)

My pleasure, man, that poem was fantastic and evoked a strong reaction. Thanks.

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