Saturday, December 05, 2009

Easter Rabbit Giveaway

This should be fun.

Announcing the Easter Rabbit giveaway, in which three entrants will receive an inscribed copy of Joseph Young's book.

It's a Write Like Joseph Young contest, judged by Ellen Parker.

It might be hard to prove that Joseph Young invented microfiction, but it's clear that he is its best practitioner. Read sample stories at Frigg and Lamination Colony to study up. And then, since he's the champ, it makes sense to try and emulate him. At least it makes sense in order to win a copy of his book.

To enter, submit three microfictions written in the style of Joseph Young. Entries can be funny or serious. They can be mocking or reverential. They only need to somehow copy Young's extremely distinctive style. Here, I just did one:
He stood out in the breakwater, his vacation pants rolled like clouds. You forgot to take the stone, she called from the shore. He remembered it there, on the nightstand, it's gray beating as a face to the wall.
Hey, that's pretty good. Why not see if you can beat it? There will be three winners.

Submissions are due by December 15, which is the official release date. Send them to with the words "ER Contest" in the subject. (There is no charge for entering.) Spread the word.

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