Friday, December 04, 2009

Easter Rabbit Read (While You Wait) at .the idiom.

Easter Rabbit is all over the place. Christopher Newgent has live-chronicled his reading over at .the idiom., a really cool blog, one that I'll be keeping up with for the long haul.
10:44 – Neko, my cat, is reading over my shoulder. He seems to have enjoyed “Menlo Park”; when I started to turn the page, he put his paw to my shoulder and said, “Read it again.”
11:22 – Pushed past the halfway, reading onward, I never was a distance runner. This book is maps upon maps.
His thoughtful post shows, I think, how close to impossible it is to read all of the book in one sitting. He says, "Honestly, by the end, I didn’t know what I was processing, or if I was processing anything at all beyond the language and myself." Which is saying a lot about a book that only has about 3,000 words in it.

Easter Rabbit is a nice place to live.

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