Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Effin Burger

The scene on the street on Saturday in Baltimore

I want a freaking burger to eat or something
Maybe a spicy italian on italian herbs and cheese
I don't feel good
My shoulders are really tight
I can't focus
I just want to go back to bed
This morning I woke up and my Macbook was all bent up in my sheets
I had cuddled with it like a teddy bear
I thought it might be broke but it wasn't broke
It was fine
The fact is that Peter Cole and I went out last night and argued about something
Then played music at the practice space

The Summer is a good song by Yo La Tengo
I would find a link to it but you wouldn't look at it anyway
You're just an indie rock guy
A girl told me that
How long can we maintain being stupid
No one is going to buy this book
Who will review it and who will read the review
No Pandora you got it wrong
Beck is not like Yo La Tengo
The pain is spreading to my back

I had been watching 30 Rock
That's why my laptop was like that


Adam R said...

I mean it's like Pandora has never even listened to Yo La Tengo

Joseph Young said...

doesn't it have to do with the descriptors people use for the songs or groups? maybe that's wrong, i'm not sure.

Christopher said...

When I'm feeling stressed, my collarbones, shoulders, and ribs are all Rice Krispies and milk. I'll stretch or shift my shoulders, and my bones Krackle.

This comment brought to you by the food in my belly.

Beck is not quite Yo La Tengo. No.

John Dermot Woods said...

There's something sublime about the combination of a good hangover and stepping out into fresh snow. I'm serious about this.

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