Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Interview with me and Mary Miller and Joe Young

Joe Young interviewed Mary Miller and me for JMWW. Read it here. It was a wild experience, because we used a web program called Etherpad, which is like chatting but you can see everyone else typing, and you can edit what they write as they are writing it. It's very similar to Google Wave, but I think better (it's faster and less buggy).

Anyway, we got a little crazy and changed words on each other and it was distracting. Which is to say it's not the most probing interview in the world, but it reads fast and is funny. I would like to do this kind of interview again. The best thing about the format is that you don't have time to be self-conscious.

If, after reading the interview, anyone should want a review copy of Adam Robison and Other Poems, let me know by email. adamrobinson at gmail.

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