Friday, January 22, 2010

My Life on a Postcard

Michael Kimball wrote my life story on a postcard a while ago. It's pretty good. I think he nailed all the important details. You can read it, again and again, here.

To clarify the porta potty thing, I went to a Christian rock festival to see Guardian and found out that DC Talk was playing the next day. I wanted to see them play but didn't have enough 14-year-old money to pay the admission fee twice, so I hid out overnight in a pretty new, pretty unused Johnny-on-the-Spot.

Hey, you should buy my book.


Christopher said...

You're talking about C-stone, aren't you? My friend Levi stole one of the huge Johnny on the Spot logo decals from one of those port-o-potty's and had it on the front of his hardshell guitar case for years. He might still have it on there, actually.

Adam R said...

No, not Cornerstone, it was a more local one to upstate NY called Kingdom Bound. I never actually made it to Cornerstone cuz my passion wore off by the time it started.

Did you ever go?

Christopher said...

I did--a couple years back in highschool. It was pretty decent, and the first year I went was the year they'd built the skate park. Then, it started getting too expensive and the music started declining in quality.

They had Johnny on the Spot port-o's there. I don't know enough about the reach of various port-o-potty companies it seems.

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