Thursday, February 04, 2010


For everyone who preordered my book, Thank You. You are the man and womyn.

If you haven't preordered, here is some information.

It will be shipping in a few weeks.

Also, there has been a winner of the bloody shirt contest. I'll announce that soon.

I hope people order the book. I hope they like it. It's interesting to be on this side of the publishing equation.

Who is going to review the book? Questions like that are questions I think.

I'm pretty nervous about the snow tomorrow. It's so white and it melts.

There is going to be a Superbowl. Go!

Last night I made for dinner a pasta sauce that in it had: heavy cream, sun dried tomato pesto, artichoke hearts, capers, a bag of italian cheese, butter. Heat slowly.

Gonna go eat the leftovers.


Christopher said...

1) That pasta sounds stupid delicious.

2) Colts are in the Superbowl; Indy is all agog and silly lipped. I've been invited to 5 SuperBowl parties and counting.

3) Looking forward to getting your book soon. I think I'll miss the pre-order of it due to my wife's birthdayery, but regardless, it will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.

4) Also not excited about the snow tomorrow, but I may get to work from home, and okay. That's pr' nice.

Adam R said...

1) I forgot to mention kalamata olives.

2) I'm going to watch the game on my record player.

3) For your wife's birthday you should make that pasta sauce. I think the artichokes get you points.

4) Where do you work?

Christopher said...

Have to admit, neither Britt nor I are big olive fans, though I do love olive oil (it's a strange thing; like tomotoes--i don't like straight tomato, but enjoy tomato derivatives with a fervor), so maybe I'll just supplement with this kalamata olive oil from Trader Joe's that is amazing.

I work as a technical writer at a marketing software company here in Indy. There's a position opening up here soon called a "corporate journalist," which the CMO has already pegged me for, more up my alley and all that. It's not bad, all things considered, but writing, "Click the Start button," can get a bit tedious after 3 years in the game.

Adam R said...

Olives are certainly not necessary. My mom says to add roasted red peppers, cut into strips.

If you get that job, you should start putting "Corporate Journalist" after your name. You can confuse people into thinking you're like Barbara Ehrenriech or something.

Anonymous said...

discovering kalamata olives in bulk from broadway mkt remains one of my coolest bmore memories

can't wait for your book to arrive, man.

great justin got a grant.

great to hang out sunday night.

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