Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Everyday Genius

First of all, congratulations to the four writers whose Everyday Genius stories were selected for inclusion in the 2010 Best of the Web, from Dzanc. I feel honoreder than words to have published them. Read their stories again:
Aaron Burch
Peter Markus
David McClendon
Stephen Graham Jones
Now Lauren Bender has finished her tenure as the January editor for Everyday Genius. Some of my favorites from her selections include Dina Kelberman's drawingsJackie Milad's drawings, Jesse Tangen-Mills's poem about 12 ways to die, and of course Mike Topp's funnies (in particular, the first sentence: "What famous actress is Larry King?"). Thanks to Lauren and everyone she published.

The February editor is Fortunato Salazar. He impressed me with his sharp mind and considerate, professional correspondence. When he asked abuot the opportunity, he pointed out a typo in a piece that was recently published (I think it was an apostrophe). His great editorial eye reaches beyond copyediting, though, and there is a lot to look forward to in February.

The March editor is Laura Ellen Scott. Laura hosts VIPs on VSF, a great site that collects thoughts about flash fiction from leading flash writers. Here's an interesting interview with her from March 2009 that is worth a look. Submit 500-word stories, poems, pictures, or whatever, to editor at publishinggenius dot com and she will consider them.


Brennen Wysong said...

Good to see Dina Kelberman is alive and well, as I've been orbiting far out of the loop in recent years. We published her in Flyer (RIP) a number of years ago.

Michael Kimball said...

Way to go, Everyday Genius.

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