Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chapbook Genius: Howie Good

Current Issue:
Howie Good, Love Surrounds You Like a Posse in Bulletproof Vests [read] [print]

With twelve chapbooks already, Howie Good is out dropping jaws overtime. And he makes it seem easy, with lines like these, from "Sign":

How the crocuses
bustle about –

dumpy cafeteria ladies
in blue hairnets

I love the switch there, from "lovely garden"-type poetry to the ouch of "dumpy." Howie Good does a lot with just enough.

Publishing Genius is pleased to present 18 quiet, quickchange poems that comprise his latest collection, LOVE SURROUNDS YOU LIKE A POSSE IN BULLETPROOF VESTS. With this addition to Howie's goodness, I read to enjoy the care of poetry.

There are now four ways to get this Chapbook Genius:
Read on the screen (Simple, effective)
Read on a homemade staple stitch chapbook (Instructions for printing.)
Download from Smashwords (Great for devices)
Or you can order a copy for $5 (Paypal to adam@publishinggenius.com)

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