Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Everyday Genius, March

Well, we're wrapping up another amazing month at Everyday Genius. A hearty, heartfelt thanks to Laura Ellen Scott for putting together some excellent reads. Every story a winner. After almost a year of great content, it's becoming more and more challenging to incorporate new writers and to maintain a diversity of voice while featuring one story/poem/thing every weekday. I'm extremely grateful to the editors who make this their mission, people like Laura and Fortunato Salazar (from February), who take the job seriously and artistically.

Sometimes I like to point out a few highlights from the month, but I've never felt entirely comfortable doing this. Everything featured should be featured. So I compiled a list of the daily genius, which you can view here. The writing is posted every day, but the archives are meant to be visited often, slowly, with tea and cookies.

Next month brings us selections from Blake Butler. Be afraid. Be calm.

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