Sunday, March 14, 2010

Road Trip with Book

*Adam Robison and Other Poems has arrived, fresh from Narrow House and it is beautiful, so pardon me if I'm a little one dimensional for a week or two.*

**Tuesday, Mar 16: come to Atlanta to see me and Joe read at the Solar Anus series. Email me for details.**

I'm writing now from Savannah, GA. Joe Young and I have beat it for the streets in an abbreviated tour that reverses Sherman's March. I feel like it's lame to think about the Civil War just because I'm in the South. There's something about us New York boys.

Joe and I read last night in a downtown art gallery/frame shop called Atwell's. We switched back and forth. I had a lot of fun. It was nice of Brandi Wells to make the trip. Thanks to Christine Sajecki for setting it up.

The reading was a nice, easy unveiling of the book. Like, I feel as if I've broken the seal. I've removed the plastic and AR&OP is out.

I bought new socks and underwear. They're really cool. I also got a Nook.


Christopher said...

seriously awesome, man. can't wait to get mine in the mail box.

j. a. tyler said...

super congrats - awp reading?

Brandi Wells said...

I was really excited to hear you guys read. So glad you were in Savannah.

Justin Sirois said...


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