Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yick Junk Moondick

I've been scuba diving in the ocean of busy so I can't even make a stupid blog post. Love making blog posts, too, especially smart ones. Well, settle for a stupid one.

I have some great interviews that I can't wait to put up at htmlgiant -- important stuff I think. Stuff about bookstores.

Putting out three books (Barber reissue, Byrne, Devine) at once was a crazy idea. I love it so much but I'm feeling it in my body. Or maybe that's the ski trip. Life, hard -- headached -- is whoa gimme.

"Work" work has swung up. I can't get one thing done before 4 more things come in. Feel nervous. People are saying my name into the phone. "Adam takes care of that," "Adam is already working on that," "That's overdue? Oh, that was ARob."

Also my own book.

Also my own book, which is HOME FROM THE PRINTER ON THURSDAY. I'm not excited, I'M EXCITED. People, people: you should have it next week.

I feel kind of nervous about that.

Also, dig my my MFA thesis project, which isn't just a manuscript (called SAY POEM), but it also has to be made into a self-published book. If it comes out nice, I will sell it/give it away to people. I am not sure how I feel about self-publishing. Even though I think I might be able to do a better job with my own book than some other presses might do (because, like, I would have Justin design it and Michael provide legal advice and Marion help with promotion and Josh with proofreading and maybe I could get Shane to write it even), it still doesn't jive for me. I am fine when other people do it though. So what's with that?
Anyway, that is five books that I'm working full bore on right now. I do it for status, so, overnight, I can become the most famous poet ever.

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No Name McGee said...

Next week? Sweet! Unfortunately, I moved, so mine probably won't come til week after next week. Also, don't forget my autographed copy, 'cause I'm "cool like that."


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