Wednesday, April 28, 2010

$3 Say, Poem -- now available $3 72pp $3 $3 $3

I just came out with my second book, SAY, POEM, published by my own Awesome Machine Press.

Imperfect, it is now available for $3 (shipping included). I'm reprinting to make it perfect, and then it will cost $10.

More info/Purchase here.

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What is the story behind Awesome Machine?
Well, this book, Say, Poem, is my MFA thesis project. I study at University of Baltimore, which has a cool focus on publishing. So for our theses, we not only have to complete a manuscript, but self-publish it, too. We are encouraged to come up with a press to make it "official." Many students already have their own publishing companies, myself included (mine is Publishing Genius).

I decided that it wouldn't be right to use Publishing Genius to self-publish this book because I won't treat this book the way I treat PG titles. Meaning, I'm only making a limited number of copies, I won't promote it as hard, and if someone submitted this book to PG, I don't know if I would have accepted it (not because I don't think it's good writing, but because it isn't quite the right book for PG at this time -- seriously).

At the same time that I was struggling with this decision, my band, Sweatpants, played a show and I thought I heard someone in the audience request "Awesome Machine" -- which isn't a song, and she had actually said something else. But it's a great name and, hearing it, my decision was made. I started the Awesome Machine imprint based entirely on mis-hearing a person in a crowded gay bar.

I want to make limited edition (which isn't to say "super high quality"--more like runs of 125) books with Awesome Machine because these books are wicked fun to make. It would be so simple. One of these days I'm going to do it.


Thomas Baughman said...

How about signing all the copies of Say Poem you sell.

Adam R said...


sam pink said...

the excerpt is good man

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