Monday, May 03, 2010

Everyday Genius, April into May, through June

A huge wallop of thanks to Blake Butler for banging up Everyday Genius through April. Some mesmerizing pieces, and a great conversation starter in Sean Kilpatrick's doozy, "Fistfucking Rules" -- I thought the comments to the poem that happened at HTMLGIANT were great, both for questioning and answering on the topic of value in poetry. It's one of those rare online poetry discussions that sticks to the work and makes productive assertions.

Yes. Thanks Blake, and thanks to all the contributors. So much goodness.

Alec Niedenthal is putting together the issue for June. He'll be pulling almost all or entirely all the work from submissions, so get 'em in soon. And so you know what he likes, check out his stories over at the new Frigg. Dang, they are goooooood 'uns.

Normally I tell the editors that at least a third of the work should come from submissions, in case you're wondering.

For the May issue of Everyday Genius, I invited four authors to put together a week of whatever they wanted. I just asked that they explore what writing on the Internet should do, what it's capable of. This week there are a few poems from Christopher Newgent, which he's contextualized with music, art and an afterword by Joe McHugh.

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