Friday, May 14, 2010

Heavener on Adam Robison

Wow, thanks to Christopher Heavener, who runs the amazing Annalemma Magazine, for buying ARAOP, losing it, then buying another copy. He said,
Robinson’s poetry hasn’t forgotten the reader. In fact, it’s shouting at the reader, asking, “Will you please live your life?” asking them “Will you please recognize the beauty that is around you? Will you please wake up and live and love and get hurt and laugh and then love some more?” This is why I’m not that upset I lost my first copy of this book. These are sentiments that need spreading. And the universe knows that.
I'm made very happy by this. Live and love and get hurt and laugh and love is pretty much the story of my life.


Justin Sirois said...

I smiled. With my mouth.

Justin Sirois said...

Chris even bought a bunch of Understanding merch. Rad Times.

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