Friday, May 28, 2010

Sententia, a great journal, I'm giving it away

Sententia is a new journal edited by Ryan W. Bradley and Paula Bomer. There is some great work in there by Lindsay Ahl, Keith Nathan Brown, Charlotte DeAth, Elizabeth Ellen, Meg Files, Roxane Gay, Howie Good, Rose Hunter, Drew Kalbach, Jen Michalski, Mary Miller, Mark Mirsky, Geoffrey Nutter, B.L. Pawelek, Sam Pink, me, Shya Scanlon, Fariel Shafee, J.J. Steinfeld, Robert Swartwood, Serena Tome, Steven Trull, Brian Wilkins, and Scott Wrobel.

I have an extra copy and will send it to the first commenter who doesn't have one already. First commenter at, I mean, not Facebook.

I don't normally give away my extra things, for some reason, but sometimes I will, going forward (as we say at work).

I have an extra B&W laser printer and if someone wants that they will have to pay me about $30 for shipping. I would love to get rid of it though.


Tyler G said...

I would really enjoy this extra copy of Sententia.

Adam R said...

Done. Send me your address at adam at publishinggenius dot com, if you'd be so kind.

Ryan W. Bradley said...

thanks for spreading sententia through the universe!

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