Thursday, June 10, 2010

The 2010 GENIUS PARTY will last only 2 (TWO) HOURS!!!!

Archivist Zoran Rosko put together a pretty exhaustive list of responses to my book, Adam Robison and Other Poems, over at the Vacuum Cleaner. It felt very nice to see all those words put together.

If you follow this blog, you might remember that I was looking for some sneaks. Well, I got some. Well, I still haven't done jogging yet, but maybe tonight.

Tonight cometh the advance edition of Mike Young's book, We Are All Good if They Try Hard Enough.

I put together this year's Genius Party. Thanks to Phu Pham and the Hexagon for facilitating what is sure to be the Baltimore Literary Event of the new tomorrow.

The 2010 Genius Party will feature these things, in this order:
1. YouTube open mic
This portion of the show will start promptly at 7pm and give partygoers an opportunity to show 3 minutes worth of their favorite YouTube videos. Cats playing the piano or standing up, kids doing swan dives off of houses, younger kids playing drums or doing insane bike tricks, LA dudes painting and exercising and making blended drinks, effing up on stage -- all that. But there is ONE RULE -- you can't show anything that in any way has big famous music in it.
2. Breath holding contest
Whoever can hold their breath the longest will win a copy of all three books that will be available at the reading (courtesy of the Baltimore City Paper) (not really -- courtesy of Publishing Genius).
3. Natalie Lyalin reading
At this point in the show, Natalie Lyalin, a poet with a new book from Coconut called Pink and Hot Pink Habitat, will read. Here is a poem and Blake Butler's take on it. Here is Zoran Rosko's Vacuum Cleaner (again!). That ought to give you a good introduction to this person I don't know named Natalie Lyalin.
4. David NeSmith performance
He'll do something with music that I bet you weren't expecting anyone to do, ever.
5. Rachel B. Glaser reading
Rachel has a new collection of stories out from Publishing Genius, called Pee On Water. During this portion of the show, Rachel will read from the book . . . while hovering above the stage! I know Rachel so I can tell you without doubt that she is great, and you won't want to miss her.
6. Stephanie Barber video
The lights will go down after Rachel's reading, and together we'll watch a spectacular new video called "Bust Chance" by Stephanie Barber. It's a world premier. It's seven minutes long. I previewed it on Tuesday and was kind of blown away. I was blown away. It's quiet but funny. Seriously, it's beautiful. Together we'll become antsy for the new release of her book and DVD (which is currently at the printer).
7. Stretch
This is a time to stretch/reflect. It is not an intermission. 
8. John Berndt explains the smartest thing he knows in five minutes
At this point in the show John Berndt will explain the smartest thing he knows really fast.
9. Mike Young reading
Finally, to wrap up the 2010 Genius Party, Mike Young will read from his new book (linked above). Mike is a champion of the Literary Death Match. If I have seen a better poetry reading than Mike Young's, I'll be a cock-eyed optimist. After the eight other things that will have happened, Mike will be under a lot of pressure to conclude in a satisfying way. When I say he'll be under a lot of pressure, I mean that he'll be reading from beneath "18,000 pounds of sludge from New York and New Jersey."

The show will start promptly at 7.

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