Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Annalemma Call for Subs

Annalemma just announced their theme for the seventh issue: "Endurance." Read Heavener's post about it. Submissions are due by August 5th. I've never written a short story specifically to submit it to one place, but there's no better reason to try something new than Annalemma.

Speaking of, Chris Heavener came to the reading I gave at Polestar on Sunday and took a couple pictures. Here they are.

(There's another one or me reading, X-rated, below the fold.)

In 1999 I lived with my friends Craig and Benji. Benji was a first-year school teacher and I was finishing up my last year of college. Every morning I would take a bath and read (still do), and Benji's shower wouldn't have any hot water. So one day he barged into my bathroom and sat in the tub with me. Craig, bleary-eyed, thought it was a Kodak moment:

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