Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday book giveaway

Dammit I have two copies of Kevin Sampsell's amazing memoir, A Common Pornography

First commenter can have my extra.

Can't have won anything in the last few weeks. Can't have already been planning to buy it. Can't already have it. If you think you qualify, leave a comment and then email your address to me (adam, publishinggenius, TLD [top level domain (eg .com, .info [NOT .tm (Turkmenistan) or .me (Montenegro) -- these are ccTLDs (ie. Country Code Top Level Domain])]).

Mailing the rest of Mike Young's first book to people who ordered the early edition. Going to close the orders for the early edition after tomorrow, so if you want a copy sooner than later, get up on that. It is a really good book, no doubt. No doubt.

I'm rocking the Saturday morning nude. I love routine.

Lately I've been thinking a lot of No.

Today I Wikipedia'd about Requiems. How could I have not noticed that there is no Dies Irae in the Faure? The Brahms is in town tonight and I don't know it, didn't know there was one, will maybe go. But -- German?

(It's actually very nice.)

Read the one with the dragon tattoo. Tore through that, sated my desire for the status quo.

Bunch of loud addicts out there.


Brandi Wells said...

Do I qualify?

Christopher said...

ah, dang. Brandi beat me to it.

Adam R said...

Yeah, Brandi, you are the winner. Send me your address. Awesome.

Better luck next time, Christopher!

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