Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Everyday Genius

Everyday Genius has a new design, simple and stripped down. Peruse the archives. As I've read through the work of the last year, I've been continually wowed at the quality of work the various editors have brought to the "journal." It's the task of independent media to promote writing that is either radically new or radically good at supporting new movements, and I believe Everyday Genius does that. If I didn't, I would stop putting it out.

Alec Niedenthal's tenure as editor of Everyday Genius included ground breaking writers like Joshua Cohen, Amber Sparks ("The City longed to travel" -- great!), James Yeh, Mark Doten and more, more, more. Thanks to Alec and thanks to the writers who sent him work.

Now Kate Zambreno has taken the helm, and she's steering good ship EG into Whoa-Wait-A-Minute waters. Game changers already, like this opener from Rebecca Loudon, yesterday:
My tongue’s clapper honeypots shed sticky bodies on the sidewalk an eel pie inside the mute dwarf her gladiolas followed me I prayed to
Come back early and often.

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