Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pee on Water by Rachel Glaser Now Available

I just approved the proof for the official edition of Rachel Glaser's book, Pee On Water

The "early edition" went out a couple months ago -- here are some things people said about it:
“The Monkey Handler” is a story about long-range space travel and is quite possibly the most satisfying story I have ever read, in a literal sense, since I have maybe been obsessed with long-range space travel for a long time, the way that its symbolism is sort of blissfully appealing and terrifying and achingly accurate. It is a story that I have been subconsciously seeking out and I think it seems perfect to have found it here in this book. Pee On Water is another great, important independent press story collection. Having it feels like having another Bed or Big World. Rachel Glaser is a scientist and she wrote this book.
-Colin Bassett
And at Rumble, they called the book
a guide for a trip elsewhere, an intricate and delicate balance with the unseen or unknown or unrealized. Reading Pee on Water is easy (and fun and good and light). Understanding Pee on Water is hard (and deep and fraught and gloriously coarse).
-J. A. Tyler
Anyway, so, I'm going to be sending this new version of the book to everyone who already ordered and received the "early edition." Those people will then have two copies. And I will also send two copies to the next ten people who pre-order the official edition.

Pre-orders are $12 and include shipping. They'll go out in a few weeks, 2.5 weeks.

Purchase here.

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