Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Giveaway: Toll and Downs

Because I'm excited about the front-back-front book coming out from A. Minetta Gould and Amber Nelson, I'm going to give away an extra copy of another back-front book from Chris Toll and Buck Downs. Chris Toll is one of my favorite poets. His side is called Be Light and features great poems like "Edward Hopper at the OK Corral." The poems in Recreational Vehicle, by Buck Downs, are shorter than other poems by Buck Downs that I read, but as funny and smart as the ones he sends out on postcards to people who ask him for them. Here's one of them:
myself contains multitudes
and some
of these fuckers
have got to go
Just like with the Nelson/Gould book from PG, both sides of the Toll/Downs book are the front. When you flip it over, you flip it to the front cover.

So, if you want to be considered for this book, put your favorite backfront word or phrase in the comments. Interpret as you wish between palindromes or whatever. I like "Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog," but "dog" would also be acceptable and so would "dickbutt" I guess. I'll decide on my favorite on Monday, Sept 13.


Tyler G said...

Adaven, Nevada




No Name McGee said...

A man a plan a canal. Panama.

Ryan W. Bradley said...

i love the fonts on that cover.

for your alaska kick, there's a town called Kanakanak

Diya said...

For all my hardline baptists out there:

"Lived on decaf; faced no devil."

And mormons, too, I think. (Is that right?)

pilgrimsoultoo said...

thanks for your kind words, Adam. Be Light contains my spam poems. Edward Hopper is not in it. Edward Hopper was in Invisible Girl and will be in my new book (whenever i finish it). i have a passion for order, it's a shame order doesn't have a passion for me.

Adam R said...

The winner of this giveaway is Diya because I like the context a lot. Thank you everyone for entering and please check back again soon for more books that will be given away.

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