Monday, September 20, 2010

We Are All Good Giveaway

I'm really enjoying the entries for what I've decided to call the "Misunderstanding Campaign," which is the htmlgiant contest to win a copy of Mike Young's book of poetry. To enter this week's giveaway, you just have to leave a comment there about a miscommunication.

Many of the entries are funny and some are like, whoa, sad. Give it a shot, and spread the word.

Free Mike Young.

* * *

Went to a ballgame with Steph on Friday:
It was a great game, though the O's lost on the last strike when Alex Rodriguez hit a 3-run homer.

On Saturday I went to a ballgame with my friend NYC Joe.
This game was sold out with Yankees fans so we had to buy standing room only tickets and find a seat up front. Terrible game, O's lose 11-3, but Sabathia got his 20th win this season.

* * *
I think there was a carnival on Saturday night. I wrote this song:

I never wanna live without you
I'm never gonna live without your face
It's 1999 and I'll never change
And I can't live without you.

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matthew savoca said...

i really like this song

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