Friday, October 22, 2010

ORANGE JUICE by Timothy Willis Sanders

This is not the animal on the cover of Timothy Willis Sanders's new book, Orange Juice, coming soon from PG imprint Awesome Machine Press:

Animals with art on them are ridiculous. However, books with animals on them are great. And the cover of Sanders's short collection (56pp, $8), was made this morning by Justin Sirois and features Comic Sans and a kitten:

"Timothy Willis Sanders has style and nowhere is that more apparent than in the nine stories found in Orange Juice. Reading them is like watching secret footage of unremarkable people in unremarkable moments—you watch and at first you don't know why you cannot look away, but then, as one moment folds into another, you start to feel like you know the people you're watching. You start to care. When you read this fantastic, almost obsessive collection, you will keep wanting to know what happens next. You will care."
-Roxane Gay

Run, hide.


Ryan W. Bradley said...

i am looking forward to this!

Michael Filippone said...

Can't wait for this one.
'and other stores'?
I thought it was a book of stories.

Adam R said...

Yeah, good eye Michael. Luckily we caught that before sending it to the printer.

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