Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tom DeBeauchamp and the Lit Mag Club on Andy Devine

I like Tom DeBeauchamp's LMC perspective on Andy Devine's novel excerpt in the NY Tyrant. He suggests reading through the whole thing is ridiculous ("who would?" he says, but people have/do, though I admit I am not one of these A-to-B'ers so I can't argue this point personally). Then he explores some of the ways the novel works, and offers a couple of interesting ways in to the story. He ends:
More likely, the most pleasure you can take from this sort of exercise is in the fact that it even exists. It’s a mind toy, like the best fiction and poetry, a concept with only the thinnest material clothing, alien and humdrum. It reminds you narrative is only one way to stimulate memory, but it gives no other advice.

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