Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reynard Seifert on Sasquatch Stories

Reynard Seifert on Sasquatch Stories at HTMLGIANT:
Mike Topp
Sasquatch Stories
Publishing Genius
Baltimore, MD — 2010

I read most of this while waiting a while for an Italian sausage calzone. I thought it was cheesy that I felt like I had déjà vu because that was the name of the place I was waiting. I realized oh it’s just that I’ve read some of this before. A lot actually. Oh well. I think I’m going to give it to someone I don’t know on the bus or maybe on the train. I took the calzone home and ate it on my roof. I watched the sun set. I went downstairs to my living room. I turned on a lamp and read the rest of the book. I felt pretty weird for a while, a little giggly. I felt like I had a bubble bath in my mouth and I was in my mouth being bubbly. Like I had been smoking salvia. The sun was not in my eyes. I went for a walk. I’m just kidding, it’s pretty funny though.
Get you one.

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