Monday, January 24, 2011

Update #4,296

There are over 1,000 unread items in my Google Reader account.

Last night I watched Winter's Bone. I was riveted. I wanted to call all my friends and invite them to watch it with me. I was gripped. Don't read the rest of this paragraph if you don't want a spoiler. If you saw the movie, though, is it your opinion that Merab and Alice take Ree to the body as a result of Teardrop smashing Ray's windshield? Clearly Teardrop is fearsome, as shown so effectively when in the garage one of the henchmen says, "I'm not going to stand around naked when he comes in." Teardrop answers to Thump, though perhaps only out of respect or tradition. So when Ray threatens that they're all coming for Teardrop, and that they're bringing hell with them, is that forsworn by Merab "putting an end to all the talk"?

Anyway, amazing movie. Stars a woman, directed by a woman -- scariest, grittiest and best movie of 2010. Unrivaled.

Here's a NYTimes article about independent booksellers doing a niche. I should hear about my Operation: Storefront application this week.

On Thursday last week I went to the DC zoo to research the upcoming reading PG is hosting with Beecher's Magazine. It was a fruitful trip because I learned about these things called Red Pandas. They were basically invented by Japanese people to be cuter than anything else they had going.

So if you want to see Michael Kimball, Deb Olin Unferth, Matt Bell, Stephanie Barber, Blake Butler, Tim Sanders and so on do a reading, come to this event. But the highlight is going to be the Red Pandas. They are SO GROSS.

On Friday we played poker. It was fun. Justin won.

On Saturday we went to the BSO for Shostakovich's fifth. The deal with that is that he was running into some trouble with the Bolsheviks and all the Russians were like what's he gonna do, is he gonna kowtow to the Stalinists and so he included a lot of marches but they were sarcastic marches and in that way he pulled one over on the man. Anyway -- it was amazing. Marin Alsop is my hero -- she makes Baltimore seem better than it is. I've now been to the BSO just four times, but this performance was my favorite.

OK, signing off now to spend the last hours on BotW reading. Not my last hours, just the last hours due on the job.


matthew savoca said...

omg adam, such a good movie. they definitely took ree to the body as a direct result of the smashing the windshield and to put an end to all the talk. and teardrop knew it would happen which is why he woke ree up in the middle of the night saying he was sick of waiting and that he was going to poke at them.
my question is about the end. do you think teardrop went off after the guy who killed his brother? because he said, 'i know who' and then told ree to keep the banjo at her house for him. i just wonder because earlier he said not to ever tell him who or he would end up dead too, presumably because he wouldn't be able to control himself from going after them.
man, this movie puts the grit in everything else to shame. i've never seen any characters in anything with that much true bad ass grit.

Adam R said...

I guess it just goes to show how much of a badass Teardrop is. Definitely one of the biggest badasses I've seen, made more so by being a dwindling addict. I think the ending is one of those purposefully vague plot points that are so often defaulted to in movies (and the mother folding laundry then was almost too much). Who'd have thought crossing Bastard out of Carolina with The Wire would work so well.

But what about the Red Panda?

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