Friday, February 25, 2011

Events through April

On Monday I'm driving up with Stephanie Barber to read at the Poetry Project, 8pm. I'm a good reader but a little too canned. My friend Russ said I was really good in Chicago until my pausing schtick wore off about two minutes in (I pause a lot). Stephanie though is the best. She seems so comfortable in front of an audience that the poems kind of blossom as she reads them. These poems find their entelechy in their utterance.

Then the next week from March 2-5 I will be in NYC again for the Chapbook Festival. With Mary Gannon from Poets & Writers, Cara Benson from Dusie Kollektiv and Nate Pritts from H_NGM_N, I'll be presenting on pushing the boundaries of chapbooks. And I'm thrilled to have a new chapbook from Emily Kendall Frey and Sarah Bartlett to present, called Baby on the Safe Side. A sample poem from that:
You know what -- actually this book doesn't bear excerpting. It lives in its context. Like babies. (To be clear, this is NOT an excerpt from the book.)
Moving along, I'm heading back to NYC to participate in Blake Butler's release extravaganza, which goes for several days-within-days in March. Like, I believe that HarperCollins set up a week of Thursdays to take place all in one Thursday. Like Russian dolls or a Mairéad Byrne poem. Basically the readings only use one minute IRL but they seem like a crossing the Mt. Moria. Anyway, I'll be there on March 10 at the Center for Fiction at weird o'clock (7pm).

On March 18, if you're still taking notes, I'm reading and presenting at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. More info on that is here.

I'm driving to Providence, RI on March 22 to read at Couscous at Tazza. With films by Stephanie Barber and readings by Murphy Chang, Samantha Gorman and Ric Royer.

Then I'm going to Phoenix for Spring Training and to hang out with my folks.

Then on April 2 I will be at the Houston Indie Book Festival.

Then on April 16 I will be presenting "The M Squad" (Mike Young, Mel Nichols, Maureen Thorson and M. Magnus) in a panel on "The Sentence of Poetry." That's in DC at The Conversation and Connections thing.

Then on April 21 I am going to read at The New Yinzer series in Pittsburgh.

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jesusangelgarcia said...

Man, you've got a busy spring. Like a blossoming, or a shower...

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