Monday, March 21, 2011

Buffalo Small Press Fest weekend

I have been in bed now for 24 hours straight. If you watch The A-Team all the way to the end of the credits there is some bonus footage featuring the original Face and Murdock actors. I actually thought The A-Team was a pretty fun movie to watch. Never Let Me Go never held me in the first place. I kept waiting for it to start. By the time I got to watching Veronica Guerin I was too distracted by trying to get my Google Reader feed down below 1000+ unread posts. Sorry Matt, I didn't view all 412 of your new shared items. I just marked them all as read.

The Buffalo Small Press Fest was fun. Here is a write up from the newspaper. I met a lot of great people there, like my host Aaron Lowinger who introduced me to all his bros from way back. I never felt so easygoing around an old gang that was not my old gang. And they were all savvy about poetry in unexpected ways, and all doing things like running presses and playing music. After the bookfair and after this utterly amazing dinner party held in the back of Rust Belt Books there was a music show and lots of people came out and it was warm and friendly and good. Buffalo stays open late and I'm grateful to Aaron for showing it to me.

Thanks too to Mike Kelleher for bringing me out. Check out Mike's blog, Pearlblossom Highway, where he is annotatively listing all the books on his shelf. Thanks to Chris Fritton for putting on such an amazing program. It was also really great to see all those people and spend a little time with Matvei from UDP and Rebecca from Fence and Geoffrey from Blazevox and Ted from Starcherone and David from Sunnyoutside.

Tomorrow: Providence. I'm excited to see my friend and Buffalonian Ric Royer. And Irisher Mairead Byrne.

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Jason Jordan said...

I enjoyed The A-Team a lot more than I thought I would. Plenty of action and humor to keep me interested.

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