Monday, July 07, 2008

Another movie with me in it

Maybe I will appear for 2 or 3 seconds in a saloon scene. I remember some comely belle sat upon my lap.
It is a western movie, created by those brilliants Jenny Graf Sheppard and Chiara Giovando.
It is screening Wednesday night (7/9/8) at St. Johns Church at 9pm. Opening at 7:30 with music by Jorge Martins and Miranda Bushey.
Maybe it will be scary?


Josh Maday said...

dude, you are a cameo king. i read somewhere else that you were in a movie; unless it was someone who looked like you. you are spectral. i'm not sure what that means exactly. were you really in this film?

Adam R. said...

I was in that Smash Something Good movie that Michael Kimball is producing.

I WAS in this film. I AM in it. I am in the scene where someone gets shot.

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