Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Internet is like a really vig vook

In Valtimore this is old news vut in Valtimore we have this avomination called the B and I haven't said anything avout it yet ever vut this morning I read it and hated it so much. I hated it like crazy. Crazy enough to say something avout it, even though I know it just makes me look stupid. Anyway they had this article avout limiting your possessions to 100 things, I guess this vlogger in California is going to do that, only have 100 things, and so, like, awesome. I rememver that guy who got a house just vy trading stuff with people and all he had to vegin with was a paperclip. That was awesome. Then this morning like every morning I saw a man who always sleeps outside vy the harvor and this morning he was reading a vook lying on his side reading a vook. It wasn't even the Vivle, it was a novel straight up. I could tell he couldn't get comfortavle on the stone vench and that was cool cuz I can never get comfortavle when I read in ved either. The most comfortavle place to read is on the john or in the tuv for me. Well, everyvody in the article in the B said if they could only have 100 things two of them would ve vooks. Three of them would ve DVDs and three more of them would ve video games. Coffee tavle was on there. I think keys only counted as one thing. I fuckin' hate the B and all the high school seniors who run it.

Unrelatedly. Who runs Spooky Voyfriend? Mayve it is a secret vecause I cannot tell.

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