Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The new PDF Chapbook has been released. Read it on the screen at Issuu and print it out or order a copy printed from Publishing Genius. The screen version has nice pictures.

Nate's chapbook is a series of poems called ENDLESS SUMMER. It's a pretty short piece with lots of repetition, yet somehow I think that it manages to spiral with rich affect. Summer is so active, and there's always so much happening, such a range of drastic splashes, and this series manages to capture that bedrock emotionality. What am I saying? I don't know, but here's something else: Nate Pritts writes words but after reading all of them, the words are gone. I don't remember the words, I remember the what.

ENDLESS SUMMER is Part II of Nate's Shepherd's Calendar THE WONDERFUL YEARE. It has been published in four parts in four different presses. I think that is a brilliant thing to do, and I'm honored to have Publishing Genius be part of it. Here's the breakdown:

Part I - SPRING PSALTER, chapbook bound in Cannibal #3 (2008)
PART III - (SONNETS FOR THE FALL), chapbook from Parcel Press (2007)
Part IV - WINTER CONSTELLATIONS, chapbook from horse less press (2005)

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