Friday, July 25, 2008



The Publishing Genius office has fully relocated. Now I can no longer excuse my poor email response times on looking for a new apartment or moving my stuff to a new apartment. However, I can say that the Internet at my new apartment hasn't been connected yet.

It's a nice little place. Four friends parked their cars in front of my old house and we made one trip together. An hour and a half was all it took. Bada-bing, thanks friends.

BUT, ummmm, I'm going on vacation from tomorrow Saturday for one whole week. I will be living la vida Adirondack. This means orders will be delayed. Sorry! I deserve it!


Josh Maday said...

you do deserve it, adam. have a great time. just make sure you come back.

Adam R. said...

Thanks Josh. I'm bringing the new War and Peace. I have to average 200 pages a day.

Joseph Young said...

leave room for kayaking.

your new place feels lofty.

daniel trask said...

Have 80 drinks for me.

Michael Kimball said...

We miss you.

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