Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jamie Iredell on "The Radio"

Ben Tanzer interviewed Jamie Iredell on a "meta-podcast." You can, and should, listen to it here (not just to hear Jamie describe the PGP publication model better than I ever can, but because it's cool to hear about the Atlanta scene and Jamie's various literary jobs). It's a remarkably casual conversation, and interesting -- especially when Ben says he'd rather fight JA Tyler than Jamie Iredell, and when Jamie says "Are you the fuckin' Larry King of podcasting?"


Jamie Iredell said...

Yo, been meaning to email you anyway, just to say how much I thank you for the copies, and also how much fun I've had making copies of my own. The PG model is da shiz.

Ben Tanzer said...

I am really glad to see Jamie's podcast get a shout-out here, he was a very game interviewee and we had much fun. I also invite people to hit my blog to listen to some of the other podcasts I've done with any number of writers who deserve way more attention than they get.

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