Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Morning Book Giveaway

Do you have a copy of Say, Poem, by me? If not, comment in the box below or email me and I'll send you one. Five copies available.

What's the occasion? I'm feeling happy because indie press champion William Walsh recommended the book on his summer reading list at the Kenyon Review. How cool is that?

In his review he compares the poems to my writing at htmlgiant, which I never thought of but am pleased by.


Phampersand Press said...

Hi, Adam! I would love a copy. you can put it in my hands rather than my mailbox.


davidpeak said...

i would love a copy

Ryan W. Bradley said...

i'd still love one, man. let me know if you still have some and i'll get you my new address if you don't have it

Cami said...

Oh, I would love this. E-mail me for my new address if this is still available. Thanks!

Adam R said...

Thanks y'all -- all giv'n.

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