Friday, June 18, 2010

June 17, 2010

The day started well -- I ate a ham, egg and cheese sandwich, a hashbrown, and drank an OJ at 8:30am.

At noon a vendor came by and dropped off donuts. I ate a Boston Creme. Two hours later I ate a glazed.

I decided to skip lunch for no good reason.

By dinner I was feeling weak. I was in DC. I ate a garden salad that cost $8. It consisted of some nice lettuce, 4 cherry tomatoes, 4 olives.

I drank two cups of coffee at work. In DC I drank a High Life, two Stella's, and two PBRs. When we got back to Baltimore, Joe and I went to iBar and had two Natty Bohs.

Today I feel a little woozy.

Unrelatedly, it's Joe's opinion the 90s were a valley for music, from which emerged 00s music, which was good (akin to the 60s drought into the 70s heydays?).

For the boy/girl duo category, I submit The Spinanes

versus Wye Oak

Tough call. Really tough. How do they do live? Wye Oak first this time:

Then a rougher video from The Spinanes:

I think I've got to disagree with Joe. "Entire" by the Spinanes takes it.


Joseph Young said...
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Joseph Young said...

apples and oranges, son, 4 minute pop song vs more freeformy guitar thing (live ones). post jenn going all feedback on her guitar and we might talk.

and an outrageous misrepresentation of my opinions.

Adam R said...

Sorry, the Spinanes live video was actually three songs. I was just referring to the first song on there, which may still be apples/oranges. Anyway, I win. I win I win.

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