Monday, October 23, 2006

The Editor

I made a list of Dave’s cartoons
that I think we ought to publish
in our first book. How do
you feel about these:

    The hairy man in monkey heaven?
    Stabby Baby?
    Lunch meat alien?
    Spaghetti neck/gravy face?
    Indiana Jones and his duck bitches?
    Jesus stuffing mtns into his pants?
    Shrimp in yr face?
    The modern battlefield?

Can you go through and select
the ones you’d like to add/
subtract? Another
consideration is printing –
the people who do Main St.
Rag do perfect binding cheap &
our first book ought to rise above,
d’you think?

For a cover I was thinking
just the title from the strip:

    Portions pro-portious of this cartoon
    are all fucked up

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