Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Zach Mayhem Chronicles (Ch 2)

We had spent years looking at the moon so naturally we were excited at the prospect of going there. But our pilots were concerned about escaping the atmosphere in the right angle, so they took to their calculations. I did not
did not
#####did not#########
want an egghead pilot so I said I would do it. I would do it, just put me in the right chair and buckle up. Budgetary restaints made this feasible. I burned a lot of gas but they don't call me Zach Mayhem for nothing and before long we arrived at the moon. Next thing you know the advance patrol was pulling out compasses and maps and wearing lab coats, and I didn't want some eggheads for advance patrol so I said let me do it. But the aliens of fear! they said.

I do not care, I said, just put a bazooka in my hands and point me in the general direction.

It was me who rigged up the bio dome and when the plumbing goes kaput I'm the one who breaches the outer hatch to fix it. Lord knows I don't want those brainy plumbers but we've got to stay comfortable, and when it comes time for a little R and R, I work hard so I play hard because I'm the surgeon around here, too.

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